this is the best christmas shop

Merry Christmas. This Might Be The Best Christmas Shop EVER

Exploring what I think is the best Christmas Shop ever created in southern New South Wales.

Merry Christmas everyone, I hope you all have an amazing time spent with friends or family. Or perhaps you are spending some much needed time alone to rest and recoup after a very busy year.

This fabulous Christmas shop is hiding in a very small town called Bredbo, located four hours and thirty minutes south of Sydney on route to Mount Kosciuszko which is about one hour and a half out of Jindabyne.

We drove past this cute Christmas shop on the way to the snow and made a promise to stop off at the shop after our trip on the way home. To be honest, we nearly missed the shop on the way home as we were distracted by talking, the beautiful scenery and more.

Inside the shop are a spectacular display of every type and any type of Christmas decoration you can imagine. All divided by theme, colour, style and concept.

Meaning, if you like things a little traditional, then you can search the traditional section. If you want an Aussie style Christmas, then you can wander through the Aussie theme.

They even have a nostalgic rustic themes section (my favourite) which is all woody, glittering gold, beautiful glass and wooden sculptures which are super pretty.

And if you like Halloween (like me) there’s even a section of Halloween decorations for that time of the year.

It took a lot of control not to buy anything, as I already own box loads of decorations for both Halloween and Christmas, so I resisted. But it was incredibly challenging and I can only imagine what it would be like working there with a staff discount. If there is one. I think I’d be buying a few each day at least.

If you ever find yourself travelling through Bredbo, do make a stop at the Christmas shop. Even if you don’t want to buy anything, it’s worth a stop in to admire all the incredible decorations there.

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