My Latest Beauty Obsession for the Month

Have you heard of Aussie beauty brand PeppyCo? This brand has been my latest obsession for the last month.

It started when I was searching for LED Face Masks online during the peak of the isolation period a few months back. The story was being researched for the online publication I write for Bondi Beauty, where I was looking into ways of treating skin issues at home, when all the salons were closed.

You can read that story here with Bondi Beauty.

After reading a few concerning issues with many at home LED Face Masks, mostly related to the fact that hardly any of the masks provide eye protection whilst wearing the mask, I happened across an Instagram ad which featured an Aussie homegrown brand called PeppyCo. But what attracted me most of all was their LED mask had blackout sunglasses.

If you don’t know what they are, they are sunglasses which block out all light, so when you pop the mask on, you can’t see any light, zip, zata, nothing. Perfect for a LED mask, as no light would penetrate through the kids of the eye.

The mask absolutely did work, and I trialled it for at least two months before making that decisions. But in all honestly, I actually saw result right away after only using the mask for a few days. I focused mostly on using the blue light feature of the mask, which treats bacteria on the face and is great for blemishes.

There is also a red light and yellow light feature, which both work on reducing inflammation and boosting hydration.

Since then, I have also been given the amazing opportunity through Bondi Beauty to trial the overnight mask, the cleanser and the cleansing egg by PeppyCo.

You can read my review of the cleanser and cleansing egg by PeppyCo here which is featured as my favourite beauty product of the week at the bottom of the column.

The cleansing egg and cleanser are simply superb to use. The egg is essentially a more efficient way of cleansing the skin and allowing for the cleanser to go deep into the pores to remove dirt and grime. Similar to that of a cleansing brush which have been around for a while now.

However, the egg is far softer on the skin and feels incredibly therapeutic on the skin as the bristles are made of soft silicon. Perfect for sensitive skin, if you find brushes are a bit rough on the skin with other cleansing apparatuses.

I haven’t yet featured the overnight mask for Bondi Beauty, that will be coming soon in the coming weeks.

Overall I have seen so many skin improvements since using the PeppyCo range. Of course, I have also been very mindful of what other products I have been using on my skin, opting for the right types of ingredients which work with my skin type and ditching the ones which don’t do anything.

Isolation taught me a lot about my skin, what works and what doesn’t and in some part I am thankful of the time I had at home to really focus on how to better treat my skin at home. Of course, with the days getting busier, I do need to be more mindful of keeping up with this management, so not to go astray again.

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So, how do I rate PeppyCo overall? 10/10 stars really. All products are vegan and cruelty-free and perfect for any skin type and perfect for treating any type of skin concerns. The price point is fairly reasonable too, as you have to keep in mind that looking after your skin really is an investment. I mean you only have one face right?

And with products like the LED Face Mask, it’s more of an investment really, as you know you can use this mask for many years to come. Even if the salon are now open for facial treatments. You can cut down your facial treatments in half by using your very own LED treatment mask at home.

Now that’s a win for sure.

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