My September Beauty Faves

These are the beauty products I’m loving for September.

Spring for my skin means a change in routine, using products which boost hydration and help me deal with the transition from cold to warm, and a strange mix in between.

You know that feeling. When you start to feel the temperature rise, and your skin feels a little drier than normal. Even with my oily skin, when the temps start to soar I feel a tighten form and I know it’s time to switch to more richly hydrating products to help keep away fine lines and to help keep skin dewy.

For winter I use very rich and heavy products, as I like to keep skin plump and juicy to help deal with the cold. But for spring, these products are too heavy and the need to keep skin glowing without using heavy moisturisers can be challenging.

To help me transition my skin to spring, I’ve been using these four fabulous beauty products to help with all my skincare concerns. And not just for the face either. I’ve also been using an amazing new body bar by UpCircle infused with coffee, cinnamon and ginger – amazing.

I won’t chat too much about each product, but I will fall you what it is and how it’s worked for me.

1. Spascriptions Gel Collagen Eye Pads RRP $11.95 – made with natural collagen and so affordable you could purchase a year’s supply of these eye pads, I love how plump, hydrated and soft my eyes after using these pads. They smell juicy and fresh and are loaded with hydrating boosting ingredients, along with the collagen for a superior anti-ageing effect of the eyes.

2. Naturally Serious No Excess Baggage Eye Cream RRP $59 – okay, so I know this eye cream is on the expensive side, but it’s so worth it. Formulated and founded by June Jacobs, this eye cream is super hydrating and I just can’t imagine my life without it. It’s beautiful and smells amazing, and my eyes always look soft and even younger after using it.

3. Innisfree Jeju Orchid Enriched Cream RRP $42 – revolutionary! Finally, a cream which is ingredient rich to keep skin nice and well hydrated, but not too thick in texture and can be easily worn with any other products. Especially foundation. Oh, and the smell is amazing. You literally smell like spring wearing this cream.

4. UpCircle Soap Bar with Cinnamon + Ginger RRP $17.99 – I know, I know, why would you buy soap at nearly $20? I love a good soap bar, though I know the conversation is debatable with many, as so many people prefer body washes to soap bars. But I love me a good soap bar, especially when it’s as nourishing as this one by UpCircle. Also, although it’s spring, the cinnamon & Ginger infused bar is like autumn in the shower. Love it!

For good measure, I wanted to make mention of this new fragrance by CARVEN. It’s called Dans Ma Bulle and I love it. It’s woody and spicy, but super feminine also. It retails for around RRP $135 at David Jones.

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