My Summer Beauty Essentials

Six summer beauty essentials I can’t live without right now.

Tomorrow marks the first day of summer. Which means, it’s time to switch up your beauty routine and adopt a few key products which will protect your skin from the summer sun and heat, enhance your summer goddess glow and give you the ultimate in hydration.

First up, let’s talk about the fabulous UpCircle Coffee Body Scrub infused with botanical and essential oils to help remove dead skin cells whilst providing much needed nutrients into the skin to nurture and protect.

Available in Lemongrass or Peppermint, I am of course salivating over the Peppermint one right now. Particularly as it is the month of Christmas – well tomorrow it will be the start of the festive vibes anyways. I love how I smell like a candy cane after using and my skin feels so soft and smooth after using.

Nest up, I want to mention the most amazing product I have literally been using every night before bed. It’s the Magnesium Gel by Abundant Natural Health. I have been applying this gel of an evening on my neck and shoulders to help elleviate any stress and tension from the day, so I can sleep better.

And recently, I learned if you apply a little to your stomach, the magnesium will seep into your gut and nervous sytem to help prepare you for sleep, giving you a better rest at night. So, I tested this theory out the last few nights and guess what? It worked.

Before heading into skin care for the face, I thought I would throw in a stella blue nail polish by Sally Hanson, which give you a powder finish to the a nails in a super baby blue tone, perfect for summer.

It’s called Color Therapy Nail Colour in Bluebell Bloom, and it’s made with Argan Oil to help keep nails protected and well nourished.

I love a good detox mask, any time of the year really. But in Summer, I find detoxing your face more important as you sweat in the heat throughout the door, opening up your pores to all the nasties, including your makeup, so your skin needs a good detox at night to help restore it back to a glowing complexion.

I’ve been using the Nivea Urban Skin Good Night Detox Mask, which helps regenerate the skin whilst you sleep and reduce any fatigue signs on the skin from being so busy this time of the year (with Christmas just around the corner and all).

Overnight masks are the best for anyone who is time poor. You literally cleanse and wash your face as normal and apply any serums if needed, then pop on a generous amount of your overnight mask and let it work its magic all night long.

Serum, serum, my kingdom for a serum. Who else agrees, face serums where the best invention EVER. Serums for ageing issues, serums for hydration, serums to detox and serums to boost vitamins and minerals in the pores. I have a serum for every day of the week – no seriously.

Right now, I am using the Naturally Serious Antioxidant Moisture Serum which is flipping amazing. Skin noticeably feels soft and glowing and you actually feel the moisture of this serum working to keep skin well hydration throughout the day, which I love. Especially in summer, when the pulling sensation of dry skin begins to develop when your face starts to dry out from the heat. Eek.

Last, but not least, for night time I have been using the Super3 Booster Vitamin A Anti-Wrinkle Booster which has been working wonders on any fine lines in dry spots on the skin (especially around the eyes and mouth).

This booster is a great all rounder product for anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors and in the sun. If you do decide to wear it in the AM (like most Vitamin A products), do make sure you’re wearing sunscreen over the top and under your moisturiser to protect against the UV rays, as Vitamin A does soften and thin the skin.

I mean, you should really be wearting sunscreen every day, regardless of whether you are wearing a Vitamin A product anyway – let’s be honest.

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