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How to Pack for a Holiday

My tips and tricks on what to pack in your suitcase for a holiday.

Are you one of those people who packs a month in advance, before your big holiday?

Did you know when you pack too early, you’re more inclined to over-pack by throwing in your entire wardrobe and bathroom, when all you really need is a few key pieces and you’re good to go.

In my family, I am the go to person for packing assistance, as so many of my friends and family pack WAY too much, leaving little to no room for any holiday shopping or left with a bag which may be overweight when it comes to checking in at the airport.

I learnt the hard way many years ago, when I was travelling around Canada and America for a month.

I packed way too much and had to pay for excess package on all the domestic flights whilst travelling around Canada (and America) and then forgot I had a change over from an international flight to a domestic one for the trip back home.

So, I ended up spending a few hundred (or more) on excess package through my entire holiday.

Lessons learned and moving on, I now consider myself to be one of the best packers I know. I promise I’m not being bias.

Here’s a few of my tips and tricks on how to pack for your holiday.

Keep it organised.

Purchase travel packs which consist of different sized soft material bags which allow you to separate all your items. I purchased some a few years back and I’ve never looked back. They certainly make packing easier, as the bags really only allow you to pack no more than a weeks worth of clothing, stopping you for over-packing.

If you’re travelling for a month, only pack for a week.

You can always do your washing. I pack 7 days worth of clothes (that is daily clothes – this doesn’t include anything nice for dinner). And, I strategically pack clothes which can easily be mixed and match to create different looks. Then when I get to my 5th day of travel, I do my washing and BAM, a suitcase filled with nice, clean clothes.

Pack travel sized beauty products only and focus on essential items only.

You’ll be surprised at how well your skin will be when you travel. Mostly due to be stress-free on your holiday. So don’t worry about packing heavy beauty products which take up too much space. Focus on your daily skincare routine, a serum, eye cream, moisturiser and cleanser. Then shampoo and conditioner for your hair and some styling cream. If you decide you want a mask whilst travelling, you can always buy one from a local chemist.

Leave expensive jewellery at home, you’re less likely to lose it.

Pack a nice set which can be worn casually or dressed up as you will be more inclined to wear it every day; which means less chance of losing anything. I often find myself only ever wearing one necklace and watch the whole holiday, so I leave any other jewellery at home.

When you’re travelling to a cold country; don’t fill up the suitcase with too many boots, scarfs, beanies and jackets.

Winter clothes always take up so much space in your wardrobe. I always get cold on the plane, so I pack one coat and take the other on-board with me to use as a blanket. And, when you arrive into your destination and it;s cold, you can put in over your clothes to stay warm when you exit the airport.

Lastly, the best piece of advise I can give, is to pack only a few days before you leave.

Why? Because you’re less inclined to over-pack. When you plan too early and pack too far in advance, you will find yourself throwing in things daily that you might like to take away with you. When in-fact, you probably don’t need to take tose extra items. When you pack only a few days before, you are more likely to focus on the stuff you really need, leaving a lot that you don’t need behind.

And there you have. None of these tips are anything revolutionary, but they are easy enough to manage to help you pack better.

How do you pack for a holiday?

I’d love to hear any packing hacks you use.


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