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My Top 6 Travel Essentials

Grab a notepad and a pen, these are my top six travel essentials you should never leave home without.

The following six items are my must-have travel essentials I always travel with and highly recommend for any budding traveller.

Of course, each to your own. You may have your own essentials to take and of course, far be for me to tell you want you should and should not take whilst travelling.

However, more often than not, we often find ourselves packing things for travel you really don’t need to take with you and pack because you think you can’t live without it. So, to help you make a better choice on what you should and should not take with you, I have compiled my master list of what I take as my essential go to items. Because everything else, well it can be bought whilst travelling. But some items, just can’t.


Yes, as much as a laptop can be a real nightmare when travelling. They are heavy, you need to take it in and our of the bag every time you pass through a security scan at the airport. I always take my laptop. Now, I will be honest with you here. I do have two laptops. One for home and another smaller version for travel. It has super basic software, enough for me to access emails, the internet, blog and save photos. Laptops are handy, for at the end of the day, you can upload all your photos from the day onto the laptop and keep you camera and phone clear for the next day. This also means, less of a risk for losing images or deleting images. Which, yes has happened in the past, which has resulted in my investing in a travel laptop.

Extra tech charges:

Whether it be for charging your laptop, phone, headphones or camera, do take as many portable charges for all your devices as possible. This comes in handy when you find yourself travelling through parts of the world, where electricity is hard to come by (yes, there are plenty of places which do still exist like this). When I travelled through Egypt for 19 days, I struggled a lot trying to find outlets to charge all my tech. It was really frustrating and as soon as I found a Duty-Free shop, I had to buy additional batteries and memory sticks to ensure I didn’t find myself with dead batteries and full memory cards, as my laptop battery was dead and I couldn’t upload anything. It was super irritating and a mistake I will never make again.

Water Bottle:

Okay, this one may sound a little weird. But, if you have a water bottle you can pack into your suitcase, you will be super thankful you have one with you. Even if you aren’t travelling in remote areas. Travelling with water bottles means you can always fill up and take water wherever you go, making sure you never get dehydrated. I do this even when I stay in big cities. Especially as I spend hours walking through all the nooks and crannies of cities and rarely come across anywhere to grab a drink. I fill the bottle in the morning from the hotel water; which is clean, and then take with me for the day and it has been a lifesaver at times.

Travel pillow:

This is not just for when you are travelling long distances planes, trains or any other form of transport. Travel pillows make the best alternative to pillows in your accommodation. I have lost count, the amount of times I have stayed at a hotel and the pillow has caused me nothing but headaches and neck aches. Yes, even at five-star hotels. I have chronic neck issues and so prone to headaches when my neck is under stress. This also means, the perfect pillow is essential for a good night sleep. Too many hotels, especially five-start hotels have pillows which are WAY too fluffy and I always wake with a saw back and neck. Travel pillows support my neck and help me get a good night’s sleep.

Take a diary, or two:

This is one item I never leave behind. I always pack two, one for keeping track of where and what I am doing each day and date and another where I have space to actually record a personal account of what I experienced every day whilst travelling. Don’t be turned off my the idea of recording down your holiday in a dairy either. You don’t have to be a brilliant writer to record your memories. But, it is a good way of remembering what you got up to whilst travelling, many years down the track. When I get home, I often pick my favourite pictures I took, which match that which I have written in the dairy, so I can glue it into the dairy also. This makes a great keep sake for many years to come.

Travel beauty essentials:

I often find myself in circumstances where re-applying moisturiser and makeup whilst on the road is key to helping me feel refreshed and renewed on my travels. I travelled deep into the Egyptian Black desert once and didn’t take any beauty essentials, like face cream, cleanser or makeup. This was a huge mistake, as we stayed overnight in the desert and the next morning, I felt dirty and unkempt. I find it far easier to skip a shower, then to not have a nice fresh face, so now I always take a small travel kit, which allows me to maintain my face, and make me feel almost like I just had a shower.


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