Natural Beauty Has Gone Next Level with this New Beauty Brand

New natural beauty brand Naturally Serious by June Jacobs has launched in Australia and this brand is revolutionising what natural beauty is in the industry.

For Bondi Beauty, I was invited along to the launch of this fabulous brand by June Jacobs, where I spent the most amazing afternoon enjoying delicious healthy snacks and surrounded by the sounds and feels of nature.

Inspired by the brand’s core beliefs and foundations, the birds were singing and the breeze was rustling the foliage which had been beautifully decorated throughout each space of the event.

Everyone was spoilt with treats, a delicious light lunch and sweets and yummy ginger infused berry sparkling water, all representative of the brand, providing the perfect setting for the launch.

After mingling and eating all guests were then lead into a room where we learned all about the story behind the product and had a chance to explore, trial, test and feel the entire range. We ended with a creative class of making our hats made from beautiful fresh foliage.

Created by June Jacobs, founder and CEO of June Jacobs skincare brand, the products were developed to suit any skin type, no matter the skin concern. Whether your have sensitive skin, dry skin, oily skin, blemish prone skin, anything really.

They are completely chemical free, choc full of healthy organic and natural ingredients and have not only been certified organic, they have been clinically tested and proven.

Naturally Serious is the first natural beauty brand to be clinically tested and proven, moving the natural beauty market into next level of how a natural beauty brand can be clinically proven to deliver the same results (if not better) as any other brand out there; where their ingredients are less natural and organic than that of Naturally Serious.

I’m super excited to be testing all the products, as the range includes a full care kit of face cleanser, face wipes (or pads rather), face serum, moisturiser, eye serum, lip serum and even a mask.

I’ll be kick starting this fabulous new range in my skin this weekend – so stay tuned for an update in a month, where i’ll update you on how my skin looks and feels after using the range.

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