New Under $20 Beauty Has Launched at BIG W

If you hadn’t heard already, a new beauty brand launched in BIG W yesterday, and all the products are under twenty dollars.

The brand is called Spascriptions and yes, you heard it correctly. Nothing is proved over twenty, making this brand one of the first of many to provide quality skin care products affordable for all.

The range includes everything and anything you can think of, like a cleansing brush, face masks, eye masks, cleansers and there’s even a galaxy charcoal peel-off mask (my favourite) filled with stars and glitter (magical).

Spascriptions was designed with the idea their products would not replace that which you’re already using, but complement them instead. Adding them as a bonus skin treatment to your weekly routine.

I was lucky enough to be invited along to the launch of this exciting new brand for Bondi Beauty, the publication I write for, to enjoy champagne, gluten-free and vegan nibbles and of course to trial some offer products and there was even a complimentary hand massage – nice.

I haven’t tried any of the products yet, but I am planning on testing out the galaxy mask. Mostly as I’ve seen a variety of sparkling glitter masks being used on Instagram by a few influencers, and I’ve been insanely jealous wanting to try my own LOL! So, I can’t wait to see how it goes.

Make sure to keep following my blog, as I’ll be testing out more than the galaxy mask over the coming weeks and I’ll be posting an update on what I think of the brand and the products.

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