Product Review: Trialling FERMIO for 2 Weeks

I trialled the new Pt MOLECURE pretox drink by FERMIO for two weeks and I thought I would write up my review of the product and how I fared.

Truthfully, I have actually never done a detox and honestly, the whole idea of detoxifying absolutely terrifies me, as I know for a fact there are probably a few things or more I should not be eating; even though I am fairly healthy.

From the shakes, the shivers to withdraws and more, I have heard countless horror stories from people I know and from articles I have read online, where many people have suffered through a lot when they do a proper detox.

So, the idea of a pretox, where I could boost and cleanse my system at the start of the day before having to eat anything sounded right up my ally.

I was super excited when I was invited along to the FERMIO launch for that factor alone, as I knew (without sounding greedy) that they would most definitely provide us with the opportunity to trial the product. We were completely spoilt of course and were given a two weeks course of the product to trial.

So, I started fresh on a Monday and for two weeks, not only did I become more mindful of what I was eating, I started each morning with a Pt MOLECURE drink and then continued to increase my water throughout the day and this how I felt both throughout the process and afterwards.

The first two days, were simply awkward. I needed the toilet a lot. And when I say a lot, I mean A LOT. Which was really a pain (nothing against the product, just against my body LOL) as I had so many events to go to and I needed to dash off to the toilet a lot. I was the most regular I had ever been in my life. I didn’t realise how much cleansing my gut really needed.

Especially when I spend so much of my time trying to repair my leaky gut syndrome and nurture it for better health and overall wellbeing. Using FERMIO proved that there were still improvements to be made in my diet, if I was needed the toilet that much.

By the third day however, I felt much better and didn’t need the toilet as often. Though at night, after the day, I did need it more than I did in the day. Which was fine, as I am home most nights anyways.

After my first four days, I felt lighter, I was sleeping better, I had even lost a little bit of weight (not much, possibly excess fluids) and had more energy. All of which was super strange to me, as I do a lot of yoga, eat very light meals and only very rarely (depending on the weather and the moon) sleep badly.

So, to have double of what I was naturally obtaining through my healthy life of eating and exercise adding FERMIO into my routine was amazing.

After two weeks, I felt so good I was sad the journey had come to an end, well for now anyway. I was most certainly going to order more, as I really felt the benefits of having just one shot of this magical elixir called Pt MOLECURE every day.

And, if you’re wondering what it tastes like, it’s absolutely delicious. Made with a mixture of super berries, it’s like a shot of liquid berries YUMMY!


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