Spring Beauty Launch: Innisfree Have Released a New Range

Perfectly timed for the month of spring, Korean beauty brand Innisfree have launched an exciting new range called Cherry Blossom.

It consists of two key products; Jeju Cherry Blossom Tone-up cream and Jeju Cherry Blossom Jelly Cream. Both designed to be used either individually or together, depending on your skin needs.

Though I do recommend using both at the same time, as the combination of the two leaves skin looking and feeling so soft and dewy.

The Tone-up cream is a brightening formula made from the Jeju cherry leaf extract and a hydrating betaine. It’s light-weight, making it ideal to wear in the warmer months and can even be used as a primer under foundation. Winning! Skin will look naturally toned with this cream, without any dryness, and you will feel revitalised and renewed after using.

I only received the cream yesterday and I couldn’t wait to use it last night. My skin was so moisturised, I couldn’t help but make continued trips to the bathroom to check my skin in the mirror.

I was already a fan of Innisfree and now I’m in love. With the brand using ingredients from plants which grow exclusively to the island of Jeju, which is nutrient-rich for the volcanic landscape, it hard to appreciate the formulation of the brand’s products and now with this new Cherry Blossom range, it’s given me just another reason to love the brand even more.

The second part of the newly released range; the Jelly Cream smells amazing. Like the smell of spring’s first floral bouquet of the season.

The jelly cream has been designed to use right after the moisturising Tone-up cream, to lock in moisture to the skin and keep it well hydrated throughout the day.

The texture is similar to that of an aloe Vera cream but smells way better and although it’s a gel, the formulation dissolves quickly into the skin and is also great to use after spending a day in the sun.

It doesn’t sooth like aloe Vera, so I wouldn’t recommend using on any sunburn, but it does boosts natural hydration in the skin. So if your face is feeling a little dry after being in the sun, this is the perfect solution.

Mixing the two together however, is absolutely sublime and my skin looks and feels absolutely amazing after using both.

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