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Star Wars: The Epic Saga Continues at Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum

Explored the amazing Star Wars Exhibition at Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum – get in quick, it finishes Sunday.

WOW! What a display from the costumes, to original drawings and models of all the star ships used in the film, this exhibition has something for everyone. If you’re a Star Wars fan that is.

My friends and family (apart from my dad and brother who both live overseas) aren’t really fans of Star Wars. It’s not that they dislike it, they just don’t fancy the films.

Me on the other hand, I am absolutely obsessed and love each every film. Though I favour some over others, I still enjoy a marathon every once in a while and always take some time to watch any of the films when they are playing on the television.

And of course, I am super excited for the new release coming soon. How amazing does the promo for the film look? Not sure if I can persuade Greg to come with me to see the film, but I am keen to go see it as soon as it comes out. I may be going alone though LOL.

Whilst in the city yesterday, I took a shortcut through Harris Street to bypass some of the CBD traffic to get back onto Parramatta Road and head home. Imagine my surprise when I am driving down Harris Street and I see a rather large sign on the Powerhouse Museum, advertising for a Star Wars Exhibition. Closing this Sunday. WHAT!!! I had no idea.

I hit the breaks and made an emergency (but safe) turn into a side street, to pull and park. Checking the time, I realise I actually have a few hours to spare and knowing none of my friends of family (here in Sydney anyway) will want to go see the exhibition. I figure, hey, why not treat myself to a solo tour (get it, Han Solo LOL). So that’s exactly what I did.

Apparently the exhibition has been going since November 2018, I had absolutely no idea. So happy I took Harris Street to get home. I mean, it was meant to be, right?

The exhibition is super spacey and brilliant to say the least. From the costumes in the movies of many of the different characters to the models of spacecrafts. The interactive exhibition, where you wear an arm bracelet and create your own Star Wars character along the way was absolutely amazing and I highly recommend you go see it before it leaves Sydney this weekend (on Sunday to be exact).

Tickets are around $35, however you can get family passes, student and concession passes etc, but I do think it’s worth it. As the ticket also gives you access to the whole museum too.

I took my time through the exhibition and the whole experience was around an hour, which is doable for anyone on a tight schedule and who are huge Star Wars fans. You can also take photos and videos, just no flash photography or extra lights when filming.

As you can see by the quality below, some of the photos didn’t turn out that great as there was not enough light and no flash aloud.

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