Sydney Halloween: Trick or Treat?

Went Trick or Treating in the Spooky Gardens of The Grounds in Alexandria

The Grounds of Alexandria is one of Sydney’s best and well known restaurants, known for their innovative food and drink, where science meets organic.

Set on a large block, The Grounds houses a speciality restaurant; which is open every day and night, a coffee house; open on weekend; an outdoor country eating area; open every day and surrounded by a variety of food stalls (open only weekend) and organic food markets. It’s the perfect place to go alone, with a special someone, family and friends, as it caters for any crowd, and for any need. Surrounded by lush greenery, the restaurant is like a secret garden of Sydney, where you can escape the outside noises of a busy city and enjoy the serene gardens of the Grounds, whilst enjoying delicious food and drink.

So, when I found out The Grounds had converted their main garden eating area into a Spooky Halloween Garden space for Trick or Treating, I just had to go. Like me, my nephew is a huge fan of Halloween, so it made sense that I would take him and we had a blast. Will definitely go again next year, if he hasn’t grown out of Halloween by then LOL.

I’m not sure if they will host the event again next year, but if they do – here’s what to expect: It’s free entry, but you do need to register for the event. There is plenty of food and drink for adults and kids, including plenty of spooky characters scattered throughout the gardens handing out candy to the kids. There’s dancing, best costume comps and activities for the kids. There was also a jump scare tunnel designed for those brave enough to walk through the dark and get spooked by ghouls and ghosts.




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