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Eating out in Sydney: These are the Best Pizza Joints

There’s something super cosy about sitting down with a good pizza a glass of red in winter.

Whether you’re vegan, vego, gluten-free, love your dairy and meat, or willing to try just about anything when it comes to pizza. A good pizza restaurant for me personally, must be ambient, have a good variety of pizza toppings.

But not too many, where you feel overwhelmed by the choices. Excellent (and affordable) wine and parking. Even if they don’t have their own, street parking availability is a must for me when I go out to dinner.

So, I did the hard part for you and spent some time going around Sydney, to try out some pretty damn good pizzas. You’re welcome.

Here are my top five in Sydney:

La Disfida: 109 Ramsay Street, Haberfield

Yummy, chewy and deliciously simple. These pizzas are classic Napoli style with simple and super delicious toppings.

Rosso Antico: Shop 2, 52-60 Enmore Road, Newtown

Rustic styled Italian pizzas with plenty with a side serving of brightly coloured basil and herbs to add to your meal and a good wine selection.

Christos: Five Ways, Paddington

This unsuspecting pizza joint is popular with the local residents of Paddington. They are family friendly, provide great options and plenty of parking off street.

Da Orazio: Pizza and Porchetta, 75-79 Hall St, Bondi Beach

If you like your pizzas a little more exotic than normal, these pizzas have an incredible variety of toppings. Like their smoky cheese paired with pesto, ricotta and cherry tomatoes.

The Dolphin Hotel: 412 Crown St, Surry Hills

Inspired by Northern Italian styled pizzas, the Dolphin serves up a crustier, thicker than normal type of base for their pizza. Still yummy none the-less, with less traditional toppings, like Tuna and Green Eggs.


And if the weather is bad and you don’t fancy leaving your house. Pizza Hut are upgrading their menus with better, healthier and cleaner options for take away pizzas.

And Dominos now serve up a pretty amazing gluten-free, vegan cheese pizza with fresh veggies. If you prefer a more unique styled pizza topping, like asparagus and mushroom, I recommend calling an order from CRUST.


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