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The New Way To Stay Healthy Whilst Travelling

Face masks are slowly becoming the new fashion trend to help keep you healthy.

What started out as a simple and effective way of staying healthy and keeping germs at bay, this new trend of wearing face masks has now become an essential fashion item for most travellers.

When flying, the humidity levels on an aircraft are approximately eleven per cent (humidity levels in our home usually ranges between forty to sixty per cent), meaning this can suppress our immune systems and makes us more susceptible to catching a cold.

And of course, there’s nothing worse than being sat next to someone who is already fighting off a cold, coughing and sneezing their way through to the flight next to you, spreading their germs.

We’ve all been there haven’t we. I’ll also admit I’ve probably more than once in my lifetime, been one of this people coughing and sneezing on the plane, when I picked up a nasty bug whilst travelling. And on a long-haul flight there is nothing worse. Not o my do you feel unwell most of the trip back home. You are also uber conscious of how and what people are thinking of you, spreading all your germs.

Here’s where TECMASK comes in.

Gone are the days of wearing hospital face masks to keep germs at bay. TECMASK is an 100% Australian owned business and a leading provider of stylish disposable face masks whose drive is to change the perception of a germ mask from a commodity to a fashion accessory.

The masks were created and founded by Australian father-daughter duo, David and Maddy Scarf, when they were travelling through Japan. They felt themselves get sick and understood why flu masks are intertwined with Japanese culture. However, they were also very surprised and how many people in Japan were wearing plain white surgical masks, especially when the people of Japan are so fashion conscious.

David and Maddy questioned, why disposable face masks couldn’t be both functional and beautiful. And TECMASK was born.

In 2015 TECMASK launched their quirky designed masks in Japan and quickly became one of the top-selling masks in the country. It captured the attention of a number of world-renowned influential brands including Vogue Japan, Elle Online, WWD Japan and LARME Magazine.

The masks are soft and easy to wear, with a flexible and mouldable top trim, which you can pitch and adjust to fit over your nose, for better comfort. The designs are cute and for $12.99 for a pack of five, you can easily afford a varying amount of designs to suit any outfit for any time of the day.

Who said staying healthy and fighting off germs had to be unfashionable.

Click here to check out some of their available designs and to purchase.

This post was sponsored by TECMASK.

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