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Top Tips on How to Get Half Price at a Five Star Hotel

These are my top tips on how to get a cheaper stay at a five star hotel.

If you like the finer things in life, but can’t really afford them, then you will definitely want to read on, as I am about to share my secrets on how I pay less then full price at a five-star hotel.

Travel in the off-season:

If you aren’t defined by school holidays; meaning you don’t have kids, and you are happy to travel outside of the holiday season; normally in Autumn/Fall in most countries, you are almost guaranteed to get half price at a five-star hotel. This is because hotels are desperate to fill the rooms in the off-peak season, when nobody is travelling. Be flexible too, if you contact the hotel and tell them you are staying for a few nights or more and looking for a deal during the off-season, negotiate a good deal which includes breakfast. Aussies aren’t real good at doing this, not sure why. But, you will be rewarded if you give it a go, as the hotels want you to stay with them.

Book a secret/mystery hotel: and run deals with many five star hotels, where you can get half price (maybe more) for a one night stay in a luxury resort. On Last Minute, these deals are called Secret Hotels and on Wotif they are called Mystery Hotels. All you do is head to their website, select the location and dates you wish to say, and at the top of the hotel list, you will see the Secret Hotel or Mystery Hotel listed. The deal is, you have to purchase the room first and then Last Minute or Wotif will email you the details of the hotel you have chosen for your stay. It sounds scary to chose a hotel and not know what brand it is, but trust me, they are 100 per cent legit, five-star accommodations.

Stay on a Sunday or Monday:

Five-star accommodations always sell their rooms on Sundays and Mondays and a discounted rate, this is due to nobody staying there, these are considered their quiet days, so often their room go on sale to fill the spaces. Much like that of the off-season when they need to fill the hotel, so sell of their rooms at half-price. Do contact the hotel though, don’t just rely on booking online. If you call, you can negotiate a cheaper deal for the two night and make sure to have some food vouchers, drinks or breakfast included.

Sign up to newsletters:

If you know of a few luxury hotels you dream of staying at, sign up to their newsletter. Even in the peak-season, if it is an unusually quiet season, they will send out a newsletter to anyone who has signed up, letting them know their room are on sale. Of course, you do need to have a flexible lifestyle in order to drop everything, should you get emailed a great deal for a mid-week stay and you are busy at work. However, often when you call the hotel regarding the deal, they will often accommodate you and book you in for the weekend with the same deal; if the hotel season is super dry for some reason and they have plenty of availability for the weekend.

Use your company hotel benefits:

Many large organisations have deals with luxury hotels for when managers, executives, CFOs and CEOs need to stay there for conferences or business trips and companies can often get anywhere between sixty to seventy per cents off accommodation. Speak to your boss and ask if you can use the company discount to book your hotel stay. This costs the boss nothing, as you will be paying for the hotel yourself, but at least you will get the company discount and get more than fifty percent off your luxury hotel stay.

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