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Travel Tips for The Great Ocean Road

Looking for an interesting way to enjoy The Great Ocean Road? Take a Helicopter ride for one of the most experiences ever.

I’ve always wanted to take a ride in a helicopter. And like so many other things noted on my bucket list; like a trip to the Antarctic (I’ll get there one day), a helicopter ride was one of my top 10 things to do in life.

From the ground, the Great Ocean Road is little slice of heaven along the Victorian coastline. Surrounded by epic blue waters, incredible surfing locations, white sandy beaches and chic coastal towns serving up some pretty amazing coffee; it really is paradise on earth. But when given a choice to not only experience this stunning landscape on the ground, but to also experience what they are like from the air, by helicopter; how could I refuse.

up, up and away.

And boy did this experience deliver. What a buzz.

From the moment you take off, the thrill and excitement of being in a helicopter is like none other. You can actual feel the wind underneath you as you are carried up, up into the skies above. It’s a strange sensation and completely different to flying in a plane. Probably as the take off and landing is very different, seeing as you ascend and descent vertically  compared to the horizontal method a plane uses.

Of course being surrounded by windows which are right next to you, in front of you, behind you and underneath you (yes, underneath you) adds to the whole experience of souring through the skies. You literally feel like you’re being carried with the breeze, drifting along the coastline. I imagine this is how a bird feels when it flies. Amazing.


I’ll also let you in on a little secret (which probably won’t be much of a secret now that I have blogged about it).

The main company who hosts the helicopter rides on the Great Ocean Road is called 12 Apostles. What you might not know, is that they have 2 separate locations located along the main road. If you are coming from the direction of Geelong, then you will come across their first location on the right of the cliffs, across the road from the Twelve Apostles Visitor Centre.

This site is always jammed packed with tourists. From your self-driven tourists to local tourists and bus loads of foreigners. If you chose to go there, be prepared to wait. A very long time. Normally the ques here goes as far back as the car park.

However, if waiting is not your thing and you prefer a more intimate experience with your helicopter ride, continue along the Great Ocean Road a further 15, maybe 20 min max to their second location (which is on the right of you). This location not registered on the map, and nor will they provide an address for it on their website. But trust me, it’s there.

It only has a very small sign on the road, so you will need to keep a keen eye out. It will be a small grey-ish shed looking building, with one helipad. There aren’t any other buildings around the area, so when you see it, you will know.

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