Trialling The New Fit Bit Versa 2 #exciting

Spent a week trailing the new Versa 2 by Fit Bit and here’s what I’ve got to say about.

I’ve never really been into sports trackers. In-fact any I’ve had in the past, I’ve found them to be a little stressful when they are supposed to be helping reduce your stress really. Of course, that was before I was gifted the amazing new Versa 2 by Fit Bit through Bondi Beauty.

But before I chat about how the new Fit Bit changed my opinion on health trackers, I’ll first explain a little why I’ve never been a fan of them.

My first health tracker was an app on my iPhone back in 2015. First impressions were pretty amazing. My phone would track the number of steps I did, and I could stir a variety of health Info and even look up healthy inspirations to keep me motivated. I especially love the step tracker, because that year I went to England and walked EVERYWHERE. I think I clocked the counter past 300,000!! Pretty amazing.

Then like most apps, it became a paid service. I completely lost interest and felt I shouldn’t really have to pay for a health app, which was supposed to keep me motivated to stay healthy. And one I was already interested in. So I ditched it.

Two years later and I found myself purchasing a BellaBeat. Which is not just a health tracker, it also tracks your cycle too. Something I really needed and at the time I was searching for the right app to use as a tracker, but just never really synced well with anything. And, the Bella Beat is pretty cool as it’s more like wearing jewellery than a health tracker.

But, like most things, I got tired of wearing it. And the battery kept dying as it used button batteries and no electric charger. Frustrating! Eventually, after the third time having to change the battery, I gave up and stopped wearing it. I still have it and it’s very pretty. But the whole battery replacement thing just cracks me and button batteries aren’t cheap either.

Now onto why I’m really enjoying the Versa 2 by Fit Bit.

It plays music through Spotify. It tracks your sleep the right way, but explaining the function of sleep throughout the night and helping you understand the differences between REM, deep and light sleeping. So you can have a better understanding of your sleeping patterns. And it even makes you go to bed earlier.

It measures my steps, like any other tracker. Tracks my heart rate, like the other Fit Bit models also, which of course then converts into the number of calories you’ve burned throughout the day. But what I love about it, and why it sets it apart from other models, is the functionality, the look, style and other added features.

I can upload music from my iPhone and play my favourite music tracks if I don’t want to use Spotify that is. You can even set fitness targets. For example, if I want to track a specific event like taking a run or going for a long walk, I can time and track the whole event. From heart rate to calories burnt, a step taken and more.

You can also connect the device with Alexia through your mobile if you’re into that kind of thing. I’m not, so I’ll pass on that.

If you want to check out more about about the watch, check out our story on Bondi Beauty here.

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