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Sydney Eats: This is Where to Eat in Bankstown

Bankstown is surprisingly full of amazing places to eat, from middle-eastern restaurants to Chinese inspired cafes.

If you have never been to Bankstown Sports Club, be prepared to be amazed. I know I was. I have never seen anything like it. So many restaurants to choose from, all servicing delicious menus from around the world.

Last week for my sister in law’s birthday, myself and family went to Bankstown Sports to check out all the new restaurant options there, which we had been told from a variety of people was a fabulous place to go and enjoy a plethora of international foods. From Italian, Chinese, even German and of course modern cuisine.

Of course, I say new, but in fact, the restaurants have been there for a few years now. But for us, especially for myself, these restaurants were new and excited and an absolute surprise as I had no idea they existed.

Well, what a surprise. Inside the club is nothing I would have ever expected to see or find in Bankstown, let alone inside the sports club.

As you walk in, you assume to be entering just your average club, with a members station, registration station and a few employees directing people where to sign in and where to go. But once you walk up the main stairs past registration you are confronted with a spectacular site and design of cafes and restaurants.

The main walkway has been designed as a tropical rainforest with real fish and a waterfall and a cafe hiding amongst the beautiful relaxing design within the walls of the club. As you start to walk through the walkway under a canopy of tropical plants, there’s the British inspired Greenfield Station Bistro, which has been designed as a historical train station inside, with a bar and a wide selection of modern cuisine.

This restaurant is followed by the German Bavarian Bar with an entrance into the restaurant made from megalithic columns and a grand door entrance, and giant beers waiting at the bar inside.

Next in line is a beautiful Chinese restaurant, where the outside has been designed as though you have just stepped off the plane into Beijing, with the aromatic smells of Asian cuisine floating out through a beautiful ancient designed Chinese archway which welcomes you in.

As it was my sister in law’s birthday, it was her choice for the day, and she had pizza and pasta on the mind. So we continued along the walkway to find an incredibly designed little Italy, which is quite literally an indoor designed Italian marketplace of gelato, pizza, desserts and pasta, all designed with the idea you have just entered an outdoor plaza of foods to explore in the middle of Italy.

I was absolutely amazed at the detail involved in creating the ambience of what it would be like to be sitting in a small village of Italy somewhere, enjoying a delicious pizza and a glass of wine. And that’s exactly what we got.

Traditional Italian music tunes were playing in the background, as we feasted on mouthwatering pizzas, sipping wine, laughing, talking and forgetting for a moment we were actually sitting inside Bankstown Sports Club.

You do need to pay to be a member at the cub, which is only $9 a year (how cheap is that). As we were first-timers at the club, we were all allowed in for free this time around as we were locals. But for $9 a year, I’ll be signing up.

Even if I don’t return for several months, just knowing this amazing place is so close to home and hiding an awesome selection of international foods and atmosphere, I will definitely be returning very soon. I have my eyes set on the beautiful Greenfield Station Bistro next.

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