Why I Love Exploring England

With so many things to see and do, it’s difficult to chose only one place to visit when exploring England.

I have only been to England a handful of times, no matter how short my stay is there, this fabulous country never ceases to amaze me.

Whether you are a city tourist, a beach tourist, or a country dwelling tourist (like me), there is a flavour for everyone and anyone visiting this amazing country.

And although I am an off the road type of girl when it comes to England, there is still something magical and wonderful about the pebbly beaches, and of course the many amazing cities scattered across the country. From London up to Nottingham and then across to Liverpool, each city has it’s unique story to share with you. Even if, from first glance the buildings look the same in each city – none of them are alike in anyway.

If you are like me and enjoy taking the off road adventure across this magical country, then you will know there are plenty of places to go and see , and never enough time to visit them all.

Each time I arrive home from my English holiday, I find myself already planning when I will be heading back next – with my map in hand and new places marked for exploring.

So, I wanted to share something a little different with you.

Over the course of the next three weeks, I am going to share three blogs which have been dedicated to three very memorable places I visited, all of which have a little story to tell.

I will share some history of the location, why I wanted to go there, and any funny moments experienced whilst visiting these amazing locations.

So, stay tuned for next week – when the first story goes live.














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