Why Your Skincare Routine is Important Whilst Travelling

It’s important to maintain your daily skincare routine whilst travelling.

In some cases, depending on where you’re travelling to, you may even need to up the anty on your skincare and beauty routine, to protect your skin from different climates.

I always pack more beauty than clothes when I travel and have always maintained a healthy skincare routine to ensure my skin stays hydrated, well balanced and cared for whilst travelling. This often means, plenty of serums, face oils and heavy moisturisers to help deal with either an excessive hot climates, heaters or air conditioning, depending on which country I’m travelling through.

Of course, it’s really no different to my treatment at home. Where I literally go through the same skin stresses at home that I do when I travel. So, why wouldn’t I keep up a good skincare routine whilst travelling?

Most people I speak to prefer not to pack excessive products whilst travelling and I certainly don’t do that. I do keep to a few key products which will help me keep me best ski whilst travelling. Though that doesn’t make them any lighter in my suitcase. Especially as I also pack travel sized beauty products to take on the plane with me, so I can exfoliate, cleanse and moisturise properly on a long haul fight.

I’ve also spoken with many people who prefer to buy products when they arrive into the country they are holidaying in, but to that I say, who could be bothered. I could not think of anything worse, than trying to track down the right beauty products when I first arrive into a country, when there are certainly more interesting and fun things to do.

That doesn’t mean I don’t raid any beauty outlets when I’m travelling. But mostly I buy products I’ve already used but can’t get in Australia. Or for anything new, I wait u til I’m back home after the holiday to test the product out. So not to risk any skin irritations or beak outs whilst travelling.

So why is it so important to upkeep your skincare routine whilst travelling? Well despite what you may think, your skin will actually endure more stress whilst travelling compared to when you’re not.

If you are holidaying at the beach, the sand, the sun and salt exposure every day can leave skin feeling depleted of minerals and vitamins, all go which are needed to maintain healthy skin.

If you’re travelling where there is snow and you’re sitting by the fireplace or in a heater all day (and night), Skin is left dehydrated and dry and requires solid products to help keep skin youthful, plump and glowing.

So you see, the logic is basic when it comes to maintaining a good skincare routine whilst travelling, and I’ll bet you’ll think twice before ditching your fave essential beauty products the next time you travel.

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